Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in surveys?

Once you log in to your account, you will be presented with available surveys on the landing page. Choose the survey you want to complete and click on it to begin. Follow the instructions provided in the survey to answer the questions. Make sure to provide honest and accurate responses.

I have logged in but I can’t see any surveys, why?

There are two possible reasons for this. One is that there are no available surveys for you at this time. The other could be that you haven’t provided us with your basic details and/or roles. You can update these by logging in and clicking ‘update details’ and ‘update roles’ on the right hand side of the dashboard.

My industry role has changed, how do I update this?

You can easily update your roles by logging in and clicking ‘update roles’ on the right hand side of the dashboard, or click here. You can then de-select and select roles based on the changes.

Are there any incentives for participating in surveys?

Yes, our surveys will always offer rewards for your participation. Some will be direct monetary rewards for your response, while others you will be automatically entered into a prize draw after completion. There are also instances where you will receive a high-valued report from MIDiA or a summary of the project's findings. Specific incentives will be clearly outlined at the beginning of each survey.

How do I access my rewards if I win anything?

To access your rewards, it is important to ensure that you have provided your details in your account. If you win any rewards, the platform will typically notify you via email and/or through your account's notification system. Monetary incentives will be paid through Ayda, our payment collaborator, unless stated otherwise. Follow the instructions provided by Ayda to claim your rewards.

Can I view the surveys I have completed?

Yes, the platform allows you to view the surveys you have completed. After logging in to your account, navigate to the "Completed Surveys" or "Survey History" section. There, you will find a list of surveys you have previously completed.

Is there a deadline for completing surveys?

The deadline for completing surveys may vary depending on the specific survey. Some surveys may have a set deadline which will be specified, while others may remain open until a certain number of responses are received. It is recommended to complete surveys as soon as possible to ensure your participation.

How often will new surveys be available?

We are committed to maintaining a good balance between giving your opinions a voice in the industry and respecting your time. We anticipate sending you approximately 4-10 surveys per year, though this will depend on your positioning in the industry and to what degree each survey is relevant to you. We don’t want to spam you with irrelevant surveys, which is why it is super important to provide us with correct details about your role at sign up.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues while using the platform?

If you experience any technical issues while using our platform or while participating in one of our surveys, you can reach out to our panel support team for assistance at

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