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COVID-19 Lockdown Listening

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View: After an initial lockdown lull, streaming music consumption is beginning to trend upwards again. As the abnormal begins to normalise, lockdown listening is resulting in new and distinct listening behaviours. Some of these will fade once the lockdown period is over, but others will have more lasting impact. 

Key Insights

  • YouTube has been a big winner of lockdown listening with XXX of Spanish consumers and XXX of Brazilians consuming more music on YouTube during lockdown
  • The loss of the commute has dented streaming consumption with close to a third of consumers in the US, UK, Brazil and Spain doing something else during this time
  • Nearly a third of consumers are listening more on smart devices at home while a little less than a fifth are listening less on phones
  • More than a third of Spanish and UK consumers reported listening to music that makes them feel more positive, rising to XXX in Brazil and XXX in the US
  • Diverse listening trends are emerging with a similar share of consumers listening to playlists more,  as are those listening to new music less in favour of familiar songs
  • Lockdown listening is largely shaped by age and life stage, with increased YouTube and smart device usage peaking among younger consumers

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify

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