The Paywall Paradox | Ring Fencing Advertising’s Most Valuable Consumers

The 20,000 Foot View: Music and video subscribers are the most influential technology and brand advocates amongst their peer groups and are therefore the most valuable users for advertisers and brands to reach. They are consuming progressively more content behind paywalls, which, as predominately ad-free spaces, represents a growing challenge for marketers. These consumers are also driving growth in social e-commerce and voice-activated devices, which, though still embryonic in development, will grow into more sophisticated and efficient sales tools for brands. To capitalise on this rapid evolution of the digital commerce ecosystem, marketers have to adopt a new two-fold methodological approach to engage these difficult to reach but critically valuable consumers.

Key Insights

  • X% of consumers like to be the first to try out new technology and services, rising to X% of X weekly active users (WAUs) and X% of X subscribers
  • X% of consumers are sought by others for tips on music and TV shows, rising to X% of XWAUs and X% of X subscribers
  • X% of consumers skip online ads, rising to X% of X subscribers
  • X% of consumers use voice control on a phone or home device every day, rising to X% of X WAUs and X% of X subscribers
  • X% of consumers do not skip ads deemed relevant to them, rising to X% of X WAUs and X% of X subscribers
  • X subscribers are the most likely consumers to actively seek out messages from brands they want to hear
  • X% of consumers follow their favourite brands on social media, rising to X% of X WAUs and X% of X subscribers

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Amazon Video, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Echo, Apple Home Pod, Apple Music, Facebook, Netflix, Snap Inc., Spotify, Tencent

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