The Attention Economy | How to Survive and Thrive in the Peak

The keynote presentation for MIDiA’s event on 20 November 2019.

The Attention Economy has both enabled and defined the digital economy. However, now that we have reached Peak Attention a new play book is required. Everyone and everything is now your competitor.

In this free event MIDiA will describe what the peak attention economy means for businesses in the digital market. From music to video to gaming to sports to media, all companies need to rethink how to structure their content, monetisation and acquisition strategies. With sleep now the biggest barrier to further growth, businesses have to earn their audience’s time and attention. Those who do not will be left behind.

Some key findings to be discussed on the evening:

> Share of time spent across video, music, games and other entertainment propositions

> The total size of the audience that can be effectively targeted by conventional digital advertising (which is shrinking, in both size and value)

> Targeting high-spending consumers

> Competing when competition is no longer isolated within individual entertainment verticals

> Why video is the dominant format in the attention economy

> When content creators and publishers will begin to see their margins squeezed

> Opportunities behind the paywall

> Targeting the valuable $10+ consumer segment


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