State of the Streaming Nation 3.0 | Multi-Paced Growth

The 20,000 Foot View: 2018 was yet another strong year for streaming music growth, with the leading streaming services consolidating their market shares. Consumer adoption continues to grow but as leading markets mature, future growth will depend upon mid-tier markets and later on emerging markets. Disruption continues to echo throughout the market with artists direct making up ground and Spotify spreading its strategic wings. Utilising proprietary supply- and demand-side data, this third edition of MIDiA’s State of the Streaming Nation pulls together all the must-have insight into the global streaming market.

Key Findings


  • Streaming revenue was up $X billion on 2017 to reach $X billion in 2018 in label trade, representing X% of total recorded music market growth
  • Universal Music consolidated its market-leading role with $X billion revenue, representing X% of all streaming revenue
  • There were X million music subscribers globally in Q4 2018 with Spotify, Apple and Amazon accounting for X% of all subscribers, X from X% in Q4 2015
  • With X% weekly active user (WAU) penetration X dominates streaming audiences, representing X% of all WAU amongst music audiences surveyed


  • X% of consumers stream music for free, peaking at X% in X and dropping to just X% in X
  • X% of consumers are music subscribers, peaking in developed streaming markets X (X%) and X (X%)
  • Free streaming penetration is high among those aged 16-19 (X%), 20-24 (X%) and 25-34 (X%) while among those aged 55+, penetration is just X%
  • Podcast penetration is X% with pronounced country-level variation, ranging from just X% in X to X% in X


  • X% of music subscribers report having become subscribers either via a free trial or a $1 for three months paid trial
  • X is the most-cited adoption driver for music subscriptions at X%
  • X and the X claim the joint top spot for Spotify playlists among users – both X%
  • As of Q1 2019 there were X YouTube music videos with one billion-plus views, of which X had videos had two billion-plus views and X had more than three billion


  • In retail terms global streaming music revenues were $X billion in 2018, up X% on 2017, and will grow to $X billion in 2026
  • There were X million music subscribers in 2018, up from X million in 2017, with X million individual subscriptions

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Alexa, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Prime Music, Anchor, Anghami, Apple, Apple Music, Beats One, CDBaby, Deezer, Deezer Flow, Echo, Gimlet, Google, Google Play Music, KuGou, Kuwo, Loudr, MelOn, Napster, Netflix, Pandora, Parcast, QQ Music, RapCaviar, Rock Classics, Rock This, Sony Music, Soundcloud, SoundTrap, Spotify, Tencent Music Entertainment, Tidal, Today’s Top Hits, T-Series, Tunecore, Universal Music, Warner Music, YouTube

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Includes Synopsis, PDF, Slides and Dataset