The 20,000 Foot View: Sports-centric subscription video on demand (SVOD) services have entered international markets, looking to capture digital-native audiences from pay-TV and other established SVOD services. Xs demise in the UK provides the best case study for how streaming services can struggle when entering a market with insufficient rights offerings. A failure to secure carriage deals with traditional broadcasters was detrimental to X’s offering as rightsholders (demanding reach) rescinded the deals, leaving the service only with non-exclusive X to entice subscribers to its platform. Complicating the rights challenge is the essentially different demographic compositions of pay-TV and sports SVOD subscribers, and the specific behaviours these valuable audiences display when considering how to address them.

Key Findings

  • X leads sports SVOD services in English-speaking markets with X% weekly active usage (WAU) penetration and X% subscription penetration in Q4 2018
  • X% of consumers rank sports as their most preferred genre for a video service
  • X in the UK has the lowest WAU penetration for local sports services at X%, and even lower subscription penetration at X% in Q4 2018
  • X in Canada had WAU penetration of X% in Q4 2018, and subscription penetration of X%
  • Consumers with three or more digital subscriptions decreased from X% in Q3 2017 to X% in Q4 2018
  • The decline of X as an activity from X% in Q4 2016 to X% in Q4 2018 highlights the attention economy has reached the peak
  • X year olds accounted for X% of sport SVOD service WAUs in Q4 2018, with usage still a niche behaviour and at only X% penetration for the same demographic
  • X year olds only account for X% of those who consume sports on TV; however with X% penetration the activity is still X times more common than sports consumption on SVOD
  • X% of WAU for X in the US, X% of X WAUs in Australia and X% for X in Canada are all under X years old
  • X are more likely to pay for sports SVOD services, accounting for X% of those who subscribed in Q4 2018
  • X% of cord-cutters engage with sports SVOD services, compared with just X% of pay-TV subscribers

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: AFL, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon, Apple, AppleTV+, Crave TV, DAZN, Disney, Disney+, Eleven Sports, ESPN+, F1, Hulu, Kayo Sports, KFC Big Bash, La Liga, NBA, Netflix, NFL, NHL, Now TV, NRL, UFC, Warner Media.

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