Radio 2018: Streaming’s Continuing Impact

The 20,000 Foot View: This is a 2018 update to MIDiA’s 2017 report exploring the impact of streaming on radio audiences. The underlying data comes from MIDiA’s quarterly consumer tracker which was first fielded in Q4 2016.

Key Findings: 

  • Radio listener penetration across the US, UK, Canada and Australia, fell from X% in Q4 2016 to X% in Q4 2017
  • Listener penetration then rebounded to X% in Q1 2018 before dropping to X% in Q2 2018
  • Radio listeners far outweigh free streaming audiences – X% to X% – in the big English-speaking markets
  • Radio’s share of audiences over the age of X (X%) is more than twice the size of streaming’s share (X%) among this age cohort
  • X% of radio audiences are X compared to X% for streaming
  • In 2018 free streaming started to acquire new audiences, jumping to X% in Q1 2018 and then up to X% in Q2 2018
  • In Q4 2016 the gap between radio and streaming audiences was X%; by Q2 2018 the gap was X%
  • Over the same period, the percentage of consumers that only listen to radio fell from X% to X%
  • Just X% of consumers said they are listening to less radio because they are streaming music more
  • This rate is lowest in markets where streaming is more nascent – e.g. Germany and Japan – and highest in emerging markets e.g. Brazil and Mexico
  • Weekly listeners of radio stations are the most valuable audiences for radio broadcasters
  • Across the UK, Australia and Canada most leading radio channels average around X% overlap with streaming usage
  • Radio is only just ahead of YouTube / Vevo for music discovery (X% compared to X%), while audio streaming is a distant third on X%
  • X% of 16–19 year olds rely upon YouTube/Vevo for music discovery, followed by X%  for radio and X% for streaming audio

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: 2GB, 702 ABC, AdsWizz, BBC, BOOM-FM, CBC Radio One, CBC Radio Two, CHFI-FM, CHUM-FM, Capital FM, Digital Audio Exchange, Global Radio, Heart, KIIS-FM, Kiis106.5, Kiss, Magic, NOVA 96.9, NPR, Pandora, Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 6, Smooth FM, Spotify, Vevo, WBMP-FM, WHTZ-FM, WSFM, YouTube

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Pages: 15
Words: 1,257

Includes Synopsis, PDF, Slides and Dataset