Quarterly Digital Content Trends: Q3 2018

The 20,000 Foot View: In this report, we present highlights of digital content trends from MIDiA’s Quarterly Brand Tracker, a survey fielded in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Germany Sweden and Australia. The report explores how consumer behaviour in usage and expenditure for various formats stand as of Q3 2018, across music, video, games and social.

Key Findings

  • Playlist growth has X
  • Radio’s music discovery influence is X
  • Engagement around playing games on tablet or smartphones on a weekly basis has X from X% to X% year on year
  • Listening to music on the radio is down from X% to X% year on year (YoY) while free streaming is X from X% to X%.
  • Snapchat WAU was X from X% to X% for Q3 and Facebook’s core app was down from X% to X%.
  • Twitch is struggling to make the jump beyond gamers and its WAU engagement is flat at X%
  • Premium SVOD is beginning to challenge YouTube for time spend
  • YouTube WAU penetration was down from X% to X%
  • Mobile Games are losing engagement but retaining higher ARPU in-app payment audiences

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Apple, AT&T, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, Snap Inc., Spotify, Twitch, Twitter, Verizon, Vice, Warner Media

Charts: 4
Pages: 13
Words: 2,181

Includes Synopsis, PDF, Slides and Dataset