Music Consumer Segmentation 2016: Subscriptions Swell Aficionado Numbers


The 20,000 Foot View: Midway through the streaming transition, consumer segmentation is more complex and nuanced than ever before. The traditional methods of segmenting by spending behaviour retain a core value, while those based on attitudes are most valuable for understanding streaming consumers. With both approaches though, the Music Aficionado emerges as the standout segment, invaluable to both the old and new recorded music industries.

Key Findings (Data Points Are Removed From This Preview Summary)

  • There are two macro approaches to music segmentation: behavioural and attitudinal
  • Aficionados are the most engaged group of music fans in both approaches to segmentation
  • TK% of behavioural Aficionados spend $10 or more a month on music compared to just TK% of attitudinal Aficionados
  • Behavioural Aficionado penetration grew from TK% in 2014 to TK% in 2016
  • Music subscriptions are getting real traction among Aficionados, up to TK% in 2016 from TK% in 2014
  • There is more Aficionado growth potential for subscriptions but the 9.99 price point will only go so far
  • To drive large scale revenue growth, increased spending needs to come from a wider group than just Aficionados, Forgotten Fans in particular

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