mipcom 2019 keynote | The D2C Big Bang Moment

MIDiA Research’s EVP and research director Tim Mulligan delivered the D2C Big Bang Moment keynote at MIPCOM 2019, which you can watch here.

2019 marks the biggest shift in the US video market since Netflix’s pivot into streaming in 2007. Against the backdrop of peak attention major players including Apple and Disney have joined the fray, saturating and fragmenting the market further with their direct-to-consumer propositions and providing the first serious opposition to incumbent streaming services. As content spend continues to escalate, lack of adoption for SVOD providers means actively losing to competitors. Yet, cutting through the virtual static noise that reverberates across the digital economy in 2019 is difficult now more than ever, when consumers’ available attention has all but diminished. Herein lays the challenge for direct-to-consumer in 2019.

Includes: Slide deck, PDF