COVID-19 Impact on Entertainment Demand and Behaviours - MIDiA Webinar Slides

COVID-19 is having a clear and direct impact on the entertainment and media industries, driven by investor uncertainty – resulting in plummeting share prices – and restrictions on movement of people leading to quickly-transforming consumer behaviour patterns.

At this time the questions you must ask yourself are: does your business have the right strategies to weather current market conditions? Should you prioritise particular territories? What content is relevant to your consumers at this challenging time? What are the available opportunities now, and after the pandemic?

In this MIDiA webinar we are sharing the tools and strategies to help you respond proactively to consumer behaviour and market shifts.

The economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis is uncharted territory. As the pandemic evolves, this webinar is a crucial opportunity to reassess your business priorities and lay the groundwork for longer-term growth.

Host: Mark Mulligan

Panellists: Geoff Taylor, Keith Jopling, Tim Mulligan, Karol Severin, Alistair Taylor, Hanna Kahlert

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