Marketing to Streaming Subscribers: Engaging with Social Stories and Smart Speakers

The 20,000 Foot View: The most valuable consumers to advertisers increasingly spend time with digital content that sits behind a paywall. Music and video subscribers are particularly valuable due to the influence they have amongst their peer groups and their propensity to be the first to try out new products and services. These premium consumers avoid unwanted advertising where possible but, crucially, are also spending other portions of their digital time in increasingly commercially-fertile digital spaces like Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Key Findings

  • Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Prime Music subscribers are at least X times more likely to pay to download apps or pay for in-app purchases than average consumers
  • Apple Music subscribers engage with Instagram and Snapchat stories most (X and X% respectively) followed by Spotify subscribers (X% and X% respectively)
  • X% of consumers watch stories on Snapchat and X% of consumers watch stories on Instagram
  • Music and video subscribers are driving the growth in commercial voice control behaviours via mobile and home devices
  • Apple Music (X%) and Spotify (X%) subscribers use voice control on their phone to buy things online
  • X% for Amazon Prime Music subscribers and X% for Netflix subscribers use voice control on their phone to buy things online, compared to all consumers
  • Apple Music subscribers X%) are the most likely to use voice control on their home device to purchase, followed by Amazon Prime Music subscribers (X%)
  • In 2018 Instagram and Snapchat introduced features to enable in-app purchases, making the site of the advert simultaneously the site of purchase
  • Advertising inventory on Instagram and Snapchat drives real-time purchase behaviours, by exploiting consumer FOMO on limited edition products

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Alexa Skills, Amazon, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Echo, Apple Home Pod, Apple Music, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Google, Google Home, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Michael Kors, Netflix, Nike, R/GA, Sephora, Snapchat Creator’s Studio, Snap Inc, Snapchat Stories, Spotify, Tencent, WeChat, WhatsApp, YouTube

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