D2C | Video's Big Bang Moment and US Streaming Video reports - BUNDLE DEAL

US Streaming Video | How Ad Supported Will Reshape the Market: In the shift to streaming, advertising has been sidelined by the growth of streaming video on demand (SVOD) in the US video market. However, Hulu’s growth, along with increasing competition for consumers’ digital wallet, is helping to make the case that there is an opportunity to replicate traditional pay-TV’s subscription and advertising model. However, the market is now prepping itself for a big push at ad-supported video on demand (AVOD), as illustrated by Viacom’s acquisition of Pluto TV, Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s launch of STIRR, Amazon’s IMDbTV rebrand with European rollout, and NBCU’s Peacock set to move in 2020. However, with streaming consumers being tech-savvy and ad-resistant, AVOD players will have to execute with a supremely high degree of sophistication to fulfil their clear potential.

Direct to Consumer | Video’s Big Bang Moment: 2019 marks the biggest shift in the US video market since Netflix’s pivot into streaming in 2007. Apple, Disney and AT&T-owned Warner Media are preparing for their direct-to-consumer (D2C) launches into the US market in Q4 2019/Q1 2020. How they fare will have a significant impact on the global evolution of video subscriptions. They will also provide the first serious domestic competition to Netflix, Amazon and the rising fortunes of Hulu’s blended subscription and ad-supported model. However, streaming video on demand (SVOD) X penetration is flat, an early indicator of a peaking attention economy, so the new challengers need to x to gain traction in a congested market.

With MIDiA’s Tim Mulligan speaking at MipCom this week, we’re releasing these two seminal works on the subject of streaming video – how the market is changing, and what’s coming next. You can purchase each individually, but they go great together (and we’ve lowered the price accordingly), so what are you waiting for? 

Includes PDF and Slides for both reports; Data and Synopsis available on request.