Battle Royale | The Monetisation Sweet Spot

The 20,000 Foot View: Niche is the new mainstream. Battle Royale players are one of these niches – far from mainstream in terms of consumer penetration, but impactful and valuable. Across music, video, news, magazines and games, they engage and spend more than average gamers. Simultaneously, they are demographically, and in parts attitudinally, illustrative of what the next-generation mainstream may look like in terms of entertainment. Brands, video, music and games companies are well positioned to flourish in symbiotic partnerships to serve Battle Royale audiences, drive value, and build loyalty and positive sentiment – crucial assets in the post-peak attention economy.

Key Insights

  • In Q3 2019 Battle Royale games (including Fortnite) were a niche proposition, trailing behind popular brands such as Call of Duty, FIFA, or Grand Theft Auto (GTA) in penetration
  • More than X% of Battle Royale players are less than 35 years old, representing younger more digitally-savvy gamers and offering a peek into the future
  • In Q1 2019, an average X% of Battle Royale players spent more than six hours gaming every week, compared to X% of average gamers and X% of all consumers
  • The interactive nature of gaming makes it harder to multi-task with other entertainment formats
  • Battle Royale players over-index in monthly spending across music, video, news and games compared to average gamers
  • Battle Royale players spend their time gaming but overspend on non-gaming formats, representing an opportunity to bring offers directly into gaming sessions
  • Battle Royale games environments are suitable destinations for hosting digital events across entertainment
Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Apple Arcade, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, FIFA, Fortnite, Google Stadia, Instagram, Marshmello, Overwatch, Player Unknown Battle Ground, Snapchat, Star Wars, The Economist, The Rise of Skywalker, Twitter, Whatsapp
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