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The Fight for Viewership in the New Sports Video Era is Only Just Getting Started

Posted on 6th June, 2018 by Alistair Taylor in Consumer Behaviour, Cord Cutting, Digital Rights, Linear Tv, Mobile, Networks, Sports, Sports Consumer, Sports Rights, Streaming, Streaming Video, Svod and Viewership

Traditional linear TV broadcasters are feeling the strain from the reduction in loyal customers, as sports consumption continues to transition from TV to online and mobile. SVOD’s streaming content land…

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Music Consumer Segmentation: From Lagging Indicators To Leading Indicators

Posted on 5th December, 2014 by Karol Severin in Attitudinal Segmentation, Behavioural Segmentation, Consumer Attitudes, Consumer Behaviour, Music Aficionado, Music Buyers, Music Consumer Segmentation, Music Fans and Music Streaming

This week we published our latest report: “Music Consumer Segmentation: From Lagging Indicators To Leading Indicators”. This report explores how music consumer segmentation needs a reboot for the streaming era.…

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