Posted by: Karol Severin

Gaming Is Now Equally Distributed Between Males and Females, But the Supply Side Still Needs To Catch Up

Posted on 4th February, 2020 by Karol Severin in Female Gaming, Females In Games, Games, Gender Distribution, Gender Equality and Women In Gaming

Female adoption of gaming has been the key driving force behind the evolution of gaming penetration rates in 2019. The adoption rates of gaming are growing (or offsetting decline in the case of console games) – thanks to the segment which is arguably least catered to.

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Why PlayStation Now’s Price Cut Alone Is Not Enough To Compete

Posted on 2nd October, 2019 by Karol Severin in Games, Games Streaming, Games Subscriptions, Gaming, Playstation Now, Ps Now and Sony

PlayStation’s gaming proposition has gone down from ‘the most expensive by far’ to just ‘the most expensive’. However, keeping the most expensive proposition will be in line with a strategy which gives Sony the best chances of weathering the ongoing games subscriptions/streaming storm:

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