Building winning content strategy with MIDiA’s impactful consulting and cutting edge insight and advice. We help the world's leading media and technology companies understand the competitive marketplace and to profit from digital content.

What we do

In addition to our research subscription service we provide consulting services that deliver practical, results-driven outcomes. Our consulting engagements are as diverse as our clients needs but a few key types of projects include:

  • Market assessment / market opportunity: This type of engagement includes identifying the size of a market across one or more geographies (or globally), who the key players are, their revenues and understanding their users.  We also present a structured analysis of the competitive market place and how relationships manifest across industry value chains.  We use these sets of information to help clients understand how to enter markets or new product categories, to identify which partners to work with and decide which technologies to use.
  • Market sizing / forecast: We have a series of structured and robust market sizing methodologies that we use to define the size of markets across multiple product categories and geographies.  We assess historical trends and and map the future outlook for revenues and users along with identifying the key market drivers and inhibitors.  In addition to the resulting datasets and analysis we also identify the key market risk factors and growth catalysts.
  • Consumer segmentation: We use our market leading consumer insight expertise to help clients exploring the behaviours, attitudes and characteristics of the consumers that matter to them.  We explore factors such as the role of technology, demographics, life stage and technology outlook to build a robust understanding of clients’  target consumers.  We also leverage our proven consumer methodologies to identify and design bespoke consumer segments and designing the criteria with which to explore and size these segments.
  • Product strategy audit: We use our proprietary product strategy assessment methodology to provide a definitive health check of clients’  product strategy.  This includes identifying how well products meet the company’s business and user needs, testing usability and user journey, as well as technology audits, product marketing analysis and assessment of the target consumers.
  • Business strategy audit: Our business strategy audit provides a health check of a company’s overall business strategy, including an  assessment of how well individual business disciplines (marketing, product, commercial etc.) are aligned with core business objectives  We also identify new opportunity and ways in which clients can to better position their businesses to capitalise on new opportunities.  We also provide a practical roadmap for how to respond to disruption and how to harness innovation within the organisation.

Our three core areas of strength are:

  • Big-picture vision – rooted in pragmatic realism
  • Creative but data-driven business strategy
  • Innovative new product or service propositions built on key insights

We help companies make sense of the changes that digital market forces are bringing about. And we help them make profits from digital content.

Unlike generalist consultancies, we focus squarely on where our passion and our expertise sit – at the intersection of media and technology. There is no ‘coming up to speed’ – we bring value from day 1.

We work with media companies on digital content, business models and innovation. We work with telcos and OEMs on content strategy, clarity of proposition and market positioning.  We help companies of all kinds better understand digital content marketplaces by providing them with unique data, insight and analysis that gives them competitive edge.

How we work

We know that a great strategy on paper means nothing if it doesn’t land properly within an organization.

We work closely with small client teams or individuals to help understand how you work and make decisions in your organization so that you clearly understand our solutions and can put them into practice.

We are challenging but supportive; we work out how to get the best out of your organization. We identify the key innovation advocates as well as the sceptics and how to drive results from both.

We are flexible and can get stuck in on-site and with your people day-to-day, or work intensely off-site and keep the project externally focused, depending on your needs.